On September 6th we observed communion in the evening service. We all had a sense of the presence of the Lord. I ended the service with this: Please take a couple minutes to listen to this

New Series Continues Sunday Morning:

In the Evangel pulpit this year we are working our way though the most important book in the Bible, the Book of Romans. This Sunday we will be preaching from Romans 14. "Dealing With Differences Under the Mercy." It is powerful and practical. Bring your Bible. Bring your family. 

CONNECTING If you would like to connect with me send me an e-mail and I will answer immediately. I'm Ken Pierpont, one of the pastors at Evangel and you can connect with me on Facebook at Ken Pierpont, or send an e-mail at   ken@kenpierpont.com. You can read one of over a thousand of my stories at kenpierpont.com. If you want to connect face-to-face and heart-to-heart you can come to my study any Sunday morning at 9:45 where I meet with a small group I call “The Get Acquainted Group.” I’d love to have you there.    

 Ken Pierpont


Pastor Pierpont's Get Acquainted Group: I (Pastor Pierpont) meet every Sunday morning in my cozy study with anyone interested in asking questions and knowing more about Evangel. Where Did We Come From?, Where Are We Going? What Do We Believe? FAQ on Evangel, and What is Expected of a Member? Great place to start if you are interested in knowing the heart of our church and our future vision.




This is one of the most important series of message I have ever preached. If you would like to know the heart of our church, the heart of the Christian faith, this would be a great series to listen to. There are six messages. Here is a link to the series.



Meeting Times
Grow Groups Call
Adult Classes/Kid's Groups 9:45 am
Morning Worship*
11:00 am
Sundays@6PM 6:00 pm
Mid-Week Service (Wed) 7:00 pm
AWANA/Teens (Wed) 6:30 pm
*Services are interpreted for the Deaf

Are you interested in joining, leading or hosting a Grow Group?  Click here to let us know.

Evangel is a gathering of Christians: We are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, who enjoy lively worship, interesting Bible messages-geared to life, enthusiastic praise, fun and laughter, and real friendships. People at Evangel really care about each other and really help each other. 

Evangel means "Good News." We are "Good News" Baptists, the kind who love God and love one another and love others, even people who don't agree with us, who do not yet know or follow God. We try to tell the Good News that Jesus died to deliever us from our guilt and shame all over town and all over the world. 

We are Reaching Out. Evangel supports over 33 gospel workers, churches, and ministries all over United States and on every continent of the globe. We also actively help our neighbors with their needs in ways that really last and really make a difference.

Take a look around our site. Listen to a message or two and then pay us a visit. We would love to get to know you. 

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